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Cloud Recruitment Perspectives

Cloud Recruitment Perspectives

According to a study by the LondonSchoolofEconomicsandPoliticalScience the development of cloud computing will foster economic growth, increase productivity and shift the type of jobs and skills required by businesses. The study also reported that from the analyzed countries (UK, England and Germany), the US is leading the way in terms of cloud job creation. US cloud-related jobs in the smartphone sector are set to grow to 54,500 in 2014.

As companies shift from proprietary application servers towards virtualization and cloud computing, related skills will be in demand among employers. While some IT executives will choose to re-train current staff, others will hire specialists with the necessary skills for using virtual data-handling systems. Handling this matter is a real challenge for IT leaders as Chuck Hollis, VP of global marketing CTO for EMC Corporation states in his Creating A New Generation Of Cloud Professionals” blog post.

I consider that in order to thoroughly asses the cloud experts that the company will need, it is critical to identify all stages of the cloud adoption process. Because after the migration of data to the cloud, there will be a growing demand for professionals that are more focused on business development than they are in application development. The Forbes article on “How Cloud Computing is Changing Many Job Descriptions” pinpoints accurate information about the emerging jobs that will support the cloud development.

I utterly believe that companies searching to hire cloud IT specialists need professional assistance from specialized IT staffing companies. To make the right decisions in the environmental complexity of the information technology industry, only IT staffing companies hold the experience and knowledge to find the right match between skills and job positions, professionals and future careers.

By looking at how cloud computing is generating new skills demand and new employment opportunities we have to also consider how cloud is changing the recruitment process, and what cloud recruitment means.

While many recruitment companies advertise their evolved recruitment platforms and methods there are few that truly embrace cloud at its high potential. For example, Relational IT is a recruiting and staffing company which implemented a fully cloud based, smartphone enabled, two-way communication platform where employers can apply to the candidate as well as the candidates applying to employers. It’s obvious that a balance of power is reestablished. Candidates are winning more visibility and control over information while being assisted by Relational IT to build their personal brand.

Moreover, another important aspect is that through cloud computing Relational IT’s hiring process is very efficient in terms of speed and cost; time savings are maximized thus significant cost savings can be realized.

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