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How is cloud computing revolutionizing learning – MOOCs

How is cloud computing revolutionizing learning – MOOCs

ID-10042856Cloud computing has known a huge expansion over the last years and is becoming worldwide adopted, facilitating organization-wide functionality, including online learning.

Many companies are looking to improve their employees training results with minimum costs on resources. With more than 6.3 Million students, The Massive Open Online Courses are becoming an attractive solution for companies that want to improve their bottom line.

  •        Learn at your own pace!

Rather than waiting for a scheduled training course to start, employees can access MOOCS at any time, from any location, according to their work schedule. The only thing they have to do is log into MOOCS platform whenever they are available and enjoy the courses.

  •        Improves your business productivity.

MOOCS can boost your employees’ skills and knowledge about services and products which will ultimately improve their productivity and your overall business. The main benefit of MOOCS is that is absolutely free, so you will have more specialized employees without spending a dollar. You need to maximize all your resources and offering specialized courses to your team can ensure a streamlined work process inside your company.

  • Ensure your employees are up-to-date with the real challenges.     Customization that MOOCS provides allows companies to add new content which can train your employees dealing with daily issues. MOOCS provides case studies, with real challenges and solutions from which your team can learn how to manage certain situations, in advance. So whenever they encounter similar circumstances, they can handle issues with the right approach, without putting your business at risk.
  •        Gain motivated employees.

Maintaining your team highly motivated and granting them all the necessary tools to achieve higher performance, significantly boosts your business productivity. Moreover, with the reporting and tracking features that MOOCS provides, you can easily monitor which employee took which course and also see if they completed a non-required program. You will have a clear picture of your employees desire to learn more and perform better.

  •        Keep your employees long-term.

When your employees are receiving all the information and tools to improve their ongoing activities, they tend to remain in your company for a longer period. By expanding their knowledge and enhancing their skills, they can become highly motivated to improve your business as well.     

Cloud computing brought learning closer to people, granting unconditioned access to a vast area of expertise through e-learning and businesses started to take advantage and use the cloud to its maximum potential.

As we already know, every advantage has a disadvantage waiting around the corner, and MOOCs are no different.

    • Massive attendees! Just as the name suggests, Massive Open Online Courses, the number of attendees is massive, which can raise certain issues regarding student’s registration and progress tracking process.
  • No accreditation! If you are looking for more than just to boost your staff skills and enhance their knowledge, then maybe MOOCs are not for you. Usually, the courses are not accredited, making them less valuable if you need an acknowledged qualification.
  • Flexibility! Yes, flexibility can represent a disadvantage if it’s not properly approached. MOOCs means online and online means whenever you can. There could be a slight chance that your employees get distracted, and either forget about the courses or abandon them

Bottom line, MOOCs are an easy and attractive way to keep your employees engaged and boost your business’ productivity along with theirs. If taken seriously, MOOCs can bring visible results at your company doorstep with zero costs. More efficiency, less spent money. That sounds good!

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