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State of IT in 2020

IT in 2020

State of IT in 2020

At the core of all new exciting technologies stands IT, and experts are constantly working on improving services and solutions, to move all industries towards a cutting-edge landscape, as it is the case of IT in 2020. In order to do so, enterprises have to implement innovative strategies, that are in line with the global market, while exploring new technology trends, and building a reliable infrastructure that best suits them. This infographic highlights how IT is expected to mature in 2020, based on the budget, trends, and challenges. 

drivers that impact the state of IT in 2020
predictions for the state of IT in 2020
technologies with the biggest impact on IT
challenges when implementing more IT services

Considering the rise of digital transformation from 2020, this is the year to increase the IT budgets. Looking at trends, the most impactful technologies on the organization will be IT automation, AI technology, and IoT devices. Something to consider is that technology trends impact varies from small businesses to enterprises. Looking at technologies such as blockchain, edge computing, and 5G, it is no wonder why they will have a major impact within enterprises, with a great potential of developing all industries in the following years.

Has your company taken into consideration a budget increase in IT, to better face the challenges of 2020? Or maybe it has chosen another driver for its 2020 resolution? Feel free to share with us what are your expectations from the IT industry by the end of 2020, in the comments section!

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