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The big eyed robot!

The big eyed robot!

moorebot The big eyed robotAs much as I like to manage and write articles about migrating workloads to the cloud, cloud security, scalability and large scale cloud implementations, I’m fascinated with IoT and the myriad of commercial and home based IoT solutions, so every so often, I read about something interesting and fun that I would like to share with my followers.

And another day goes by, and once again, cloud computing is demonstrating dreams of possibilities, except this not a dream, it’s reality. A few days ago, Pilot Labs, announced the release of their new “cute” personal assistant, which immediately caught my EYE. His name is not Mike Wazowski (from Monster Inc.), it’s MooreBot, and as you’ve probably guessed, it’s a robot. Fully customizable, Moorebot can be whomever you want him to be: personal assistant, welcome greeter, even your personal entertainer.

At the office, Moorebot acts just like a personal assistant, except it doesn’t bring you coffee. At least not yet, but who knows! From providing messages, reminders, read notes and reports, MooreBet has its eye on it. Not to mention that it can even enlighten your day with funny jokes.

At home, Moorebot is your friend. He can sing, dance, play, and even be your “sous-chef” when asked to. Besides, he stays well informed and can share with you the latest news.

Let’s talk about privacy. Lately there has been noise around cloud based monitoring solutions being hacked.  Privacy will always be a concern, but Moorebot handles storage of images and video not on the cloud, but on a 2GB on-board and extended micro-SD card holding up to 32GB of data locally.

Let’s dive a little into Moorebots’ functionality

  • It has a quad ARM processor and through technologies like ZigBee and WiFi, it can connect to your smart home devices
  • It has a 2 MP sensor camera and 110 degrees viewing angle.
  • The lens that covers the camera ensures privacy when it’s not used
  • It knows around 50 commands and has over 500 conversation scenarios

Speak and you shall be heard!

Moorebot has vocal commands, so you just need to say what you want him to do, and he’ll perform it:

  • Personal assistant – Setting alarm or reminders, get local information on weather, news, smart home controlling, and more
  • Monitoring – Monitor remotely with peer-to-peer connection
  • Event recording – Taking photos and videos at your command!
  • Entertaining – Singing, dancing, telling jokes, play educational games, you name it!

Bottom line, Moorebot is a friendly robot that combines functionality with appearance, which makes it easy and fun to use.  Now that I shared my opinion, please share yours as well in the comments below!


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