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The importance of cloud computing in manufacturing

The importance of cloud computing in manufacturing

cloud in manufactoringBecause lately we kept discussing about the Internet of Things, we should perhaps mention that this trend is part of a larger industry, cloud manufacturing. With a large impact over the industries of aerospace, healthcare, education and financial services, here is another industry that cloud computing is highly influencing lately: manufacturing.

The traditional manufacturing model is now changed with the aid of IT and lately, cloud based technologies.  Ways in which cloud computing can be applied to the manufacturing industry are various. Here are some areas in which cloud computing technologies can be easily integrated in manufacturing:

  • cloud based business intelligence solutions
  • built in services/functionalities in the cloud
  • collaborative designing in the cloud
  • managing the marketing
  • managing the sales
  • automatic customer service
  • human resources automation
  • accelerationg new product development
  • ERP

Therefore there are many branches to cloud manufacturing, such as: Design as a service (DaaS), Manufacturing as a service (MFGaaS), Experimentation as a service (EaaS), Simulation as a service (SIMaaS), Management as a service (MaaS), Maintain as a service (MAaaS), Integration as a service (INTaaS).

Overall, cloud based technologies can be applied to all stages of product management – from projecting, designing, testing, production and go to market strategies. They also bring the advantage that they allow real time, live collaboration of the entire team, thus increasing productivity and reducing the time needed to develop a product. Therefore, the process of data exchanging is streamlined.

In addition, after launching, production can be scaled up and down by demand. Using cloud computing technologies in manufacturing can allow manufacturers to focus more time and attention for their products, rather for their business/operational duties.

Can you think of any other ways in which the cloud is influencing the manufacturing industry? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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