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Why should small businesses migrate to the cloud

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Why should small businesses migrate to the cloud

Cloud computing helps small businesses manage massive amounts of data and create the perfect environment for analysis. It also helps improve productivity and work flexibility, which built the competitive advantages many businesses needed. Even if small businesses don’t initially face problems with big data management, the implementation of cloud services at an early stage of development has a positive impact as they grow. According to one of Intuit study, about 80% of U.S. small enterprises will fully adopt cloud computing services by 2020. The same company reported in another study that over the next decade the growth of small enterprises will accelerate from 30 million in 2016 to over 42 million in 2026 thanks to cloud computing technology.

After looking over these results, let’s see how cloud computing is redefining the way small enterprises do business.

Cloud computing is saving money

One of the most visible benefits that cloud computing provides is that it lowers the overall IT department costs.  Migrating to the cloud eliminates servers, rack space, power usage and resources which also translates into savings from not needing to perform maintenance, installations, upgrades, and support. These savings overtime are predictable and are significant.

More flexibility for companies

Companies are always trying to create flexible ways of working. By using the cloud, enterprises can access work files from any device, in any place and at any time. The development of technology has created a mobile world. The days when data was stuck on a single computer are long gone.

Moreover, flexibility is a necessity. Being able to access work files outside the office is essential for employees. The flexibility provided by the cloud is not only useful for employees, but also for small business owners because they can manage the data from anywhere.

Better integration

Implementing a cloud solution for businesses creates multiple opportunities for integration in a simplified way. Companies can integrate with various cloud-based providers and could also take advantage of specialized services combined with back-office operations, from accounting, human resources, and marketing.

Collaboration and productivity increases

When the company team can access, share and edit documents no matter the location and time, they work better together. Cloud-based applications allow employees to make changes in real time. Also,  Salesforce research reported that cloud collaboration could increase business productivity by more than 40%. Not to mention the ability of small businesses owners to track and manage individual progress on different assignments. In this way, people could be assigned to do what they do best.

Better security

Lost and broken devices could cost companies a large amount of money. More expensive than the devices is losing the sensitive data inside them. Cloud services provide businesses with greater security. Since your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it on any device. The cloud even allows companies to remotely delete data from lost laptops to prevent getting into the wrong hands.

Moving to the cloud will bring small enterprises many advantages that impact productivity and security, making cloud a better choice.

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